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The Ice and Snow City

    Harbin is a tourism city with unique characteristic of North China. It owns the famous pedestrian street-the Central Street well known for its European style buildings. Many peculiar and vivid festivals and fairs such as Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival which is at the top of the four ice and snow festivals held in the world, Harbin Summer Concert, whose melody has been reverberating in the air of Harbin for more than forty years, Harbin Economic and Trade Fair bridging the five continents and marching to the international exposition and the merry Harbin International Beer Festival with its drifting fragrance of beer are also held in Harbin. As the capital city of Heilongjiang Province, there are Yabuli Skiing Ground which is the largest one in Asia, Manchurian tiger training and breeding base-Harbin Manchurian Tiger Forest Zoo, the largest zoo in China, the Jin Dynast Shangjing History Museum-having the largest scale across China, the forest and wet land with the largest area in China, the longest boundary river, biggest boundary lake and the biggest landform view in the world in the suburb of Harbin. Thank to these rich and enchanting tourist resources, Harbin became the excellent tourism city in China of the first batch.

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